11-12 May 2021
ICC Sydney
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At a Glance

Outlook Session
Change Imperatives: Accelerating Healthcare Transformation
The COVID-19 pandemic is a paradigm shifting event, a crisis of health and a business revelation. Healthcare institutions have been compelled to compress transformation timelines, reckon with global supply chain dependencies, and respond to amplified cyber-security vulnerabilities, all at a distance. Business leaders will recognise that the immensity of this challenge is mirrored by the scale of opportunity to instrument meaningful reform. This Session serves as a contextual platform for the Forum, as we explore the key foundations for building the resilience in the sector.
Customer Session
Patients at the Core: The Rise of Personalised and Intuitive Healthcare Ecosystems
Australia’s healthcare sector is often diagnosed with clinical inertia, a deeply embedded resistance to systematic change. But the sheer weight of the pandemic is dismantling cultural aversions to business transformation and presents an opportunity for the genuine reform of care-delivery models. Our conversation will interrogate key impediments to information exchange waylaying the acceleration of patient-centred healthcare ecosystems. We will consider how to unite key value chain participants with integrated data to extend the patient journey, improving stakeholder experiences and outcomes.
Telehealth Session
Care in Context: Navigating an Operating Environment Defined by Distance
Immense pressure on acute settings is rescinding institutional barriers to the provision of telehealth services. The capability to bypass environmental characteristics is a crucial step towards revolutionising care delivery, but our contextually-driven pivot towards telehealth applications will only be entrenched as genuine reform if we address the underlying factors arresting change in the sector. Our conversation will consider the regulatory initiatives, technological drivers, and partnerships facilitating the growth of Telehealth in Australia.
Security Session
Growing Pains: The Cyber-Security Implications for Evolving Healthcare Systems
Healthcare systems are making bold strides towards interoperability, but as our operating and technological environment shifts, so too does the attack surface available to cyber actors. Developments in the threat landscape are particularly consequential for hospitals, given both the value and sensitivity of the patient information they hold, and the essential nature of the services they render daily. In this conversation, we will view the security landscape through the lens of healthcare systems to better mitigate emerging and recurring threats.
Finance Session
Value Reconsidered: The Collision of Commercial and Patient Objectives
Healthcare systems are anticipating the evolving preferences of patients and embracing a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of value creation that will have significant implications for financial management. Our conversation will consider the actions that healthcare institutions can take to address both near-term liquidity challenges given volume fluctuations, as well as emerging financial models facilitating the re-orientation of care delivery around the patient, wherever they may be.
People Session
The Power of Process: The Case for Collaborative Change Management
Transformation is not at its core a security or technology challenge – it is a business process challenge. To overcome cultural resistances and build change momentum, leaders must effectively articulate the specific ways that technological renewal will facilitate, rather than inhibit, the delivery of patient outcomes. Our conversation will consider the systems, strategies, and tools required to engage key stakeholders and orchestrate meaningful transformation in the healthcare sector.
Infrastructure Session
Shattered Assumptions: Decoupling from Legacy Infrastructure
Healthcare infrastructure was modelled on the fundamental assumption that the patient journey is confined to hospital walls – an assumption that is currently being dismantled. Digitisation is driving revolutionary models of patient-centric care delivery that extend the customer journey beyond the physical hospital site. By deploying technology across the breadth of the enterprise to secure and accelerate applications, hospitals will be able to support soaring customer expectations for reliable and seamless interactions that are informed by lived experiences outside the sector. Our conversation will explore how healthcare institutions are confronting technological debt and decoupling from legacy infrastructure to support digitally infused patient journeys.

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